Drivers Licence Renewal

Apply for Drivers license renewal online with online driving license application form

It’s necessary to get your driving licence renewal after it gets expired, you have to contact the nearest RTO zonal office to get your driving licence renewal during particular office hours. Any licensing authority can renew a driving licence.

These renewals are planned to make sure that your eligibility to keep on driving doesn’t loaded by advancing age or any other unexpected conditions. Driving around with expired licence is as equal as driving the vehicle without licence.

An expired driving licence is valid for a month and should be renewed within the grace period. In case your licence has expired more than 30 days back, you can renew the same by paying penalty.

Renew Your Driving Licence:

If the applicant compulsory carry Driving license along with him/her at the time of driving any vehicle in public places. Nearly, the Permanent driving license is valid up to 20 years or until the age of applicant 50 years. You can easily renew your driving license without any risk

If the application forms the state then they must submit the no-objection certificate that issued by the RTO/RTA at which the original license was issued.

Require documents for Driving licence Renewal:

  • Duly filled DL renewal application form.
  • The applicant’s medical certificate is a must. The form for the same can be downloaded via your state’s RTO/RTA portal. Please note that this form has to be filled out by a licensed physician
  • Valid permanent driving license
  • Proof of age : this can be proven by any of valid government-issued document such as PAN card, passport, voter ID card, etc.
  • proof of residence: passport, electricity bill, phone bill, lease agreement, etc.
  • Passport size photographs of the applicant.
  • If permanent licence owner has transformed their address from one place to another, the same must be registered within 1 month at the RTO/RTA where the initial and original licence was issued, or at the nearest regional office.
  • If permanent DL holder has moved to another state, then the aforementioned rule applies here too. In addition to that, a licence holder from another state has to submit a NOC (no objection certificate) which needs to be issued by the RTO/RTA at which the original license had been issued.

For commercial License Renewal:

  • All the mentioned documents as mentioned above
  • If in the case of HMV then Driver refreshing training certificate is necessary
  • The short period of the refresher training course for all other categories of commercial vehicle is necessary

Documents for update address in driving license:

A driving license applicant should want to change his current address on a driving license then they need to submit the mentioned documents

  • Original driving license (bearing the old address)
  • Address proof for the new address
  • NOC (no objection certificate) which needs to be issued by the RTO/RTA at which the original licence had been issued
  • Fees (different from one state to another state)

Renew commercial Driving License:

If the Driving license for commercial/passenger vehicles it must be renewed every 3 years. Medical certificate is required compulsory for applicants above age 40 for commercial drivers

Renew Private Driving License:

The driving license of the renewal process for private vehicles processed quickly.  The renewal process of commercial and private driving license is different. For the private driving license analysis before it could send to the driver by speed post. The submitted documents are strictly verified by the Notary public or Gazette officer