Driving Licence Online Application Form

A driving license is a necessary document which should be possessed by every person who owns a vehicle such as truck, scooter, car, bike, bus, etc. as per the Motor Vehicle Act. Any person will not be allowed to drive without a driving license.

From where we get Driving Licence Form:

Driving licence is a document which is issued by the Regional Transport Office / Authority (RTA/RTO) of a city, if you want to apply license than you can avail the application form at your nearby or local RTO/RTA. Moreover, now you can apply for driving licence online from any state.

You can simply download the application form from the website which saves your time, after downloading fill the form and submit in RTO with require documents

Different types of Driving Licence Form:

  • New Learner’s Licence (Form 2).
  • Renewal of Driving License (Form 9).
  • Addition of New Class of Vehicle to Driving License (Form 8).
  • New Learner’s Driving License (Form 2, 4).
  • New Driving License (Form 4).

Application Forms – Drivers Licence:

Form 4- for licence to drive a motor vehicle:

The driving license consists of different fields that can be valid to the particulars of applicant, type of the vehicle you wish to get the licence and other details related to driving test. Below are the categories or fields included in the driving licence application form.

  • Type of vehicle
  • Particulars of the applicant
  • Whether the applicant has held a driving licence in the past
  • If the applicant has been prohibited for obtaining a licence to drive
  • If the applicant has been offending while holding the current licence

Form 2- Application Form to get new Learning Licence

If you want to get a new learning license or renew your existing learning licence, then you have to submit a duly filled Form 2. Fill required details in the form like name, date of birth, age, qualification and more. Then the applicant needs to provide information concerned to issue of the previous learner’s license or if the applicant has disqualified in the past. In the next section fill out the details related to the fitness certificate and in the last section fill out the details of the parents/guardian to provide the license along with the results of the driving test. Finally signature of the applicant, parent and license authority where ever required.

Form 9 – Form for renewal of Driving License

Driving Licences are issued only for certain years, after that, you must get renewed your driving licence, in order to renew your driving license, you have to fill up Form 9 and submit it with recent photograph. fill up all the details accurately. then check the class of vehicle for which they wish to renew their licence.

Form L.L.D – For Duplicate Driving Licence

if you have lost or misplaced your driving license, if you want avail duplicate licence then you have to fill up Form LLD. the purpose of the for is to intimate the concerned authority about the loss or destruction of the present driving license, here you have to provide details such as your missing driving license number, personal details, issuing authority, address along with circumstances of loss or destruction of the license. finally with thumb impression on the form

Form 1- application cum declaration form of physical fitness

To avail the driving license, the applicant needs to fill the application form of their physical fitness. you have 2 sections in this form first section require details like application personal details, address, and identification and in second section applicant requires to make any declaration regarding any aspect of their physical fitness. here this form should be submitted along with the Medical certificate 1A

Form 1A – Medical Certificate:

Medical certificate or Form 1A is necessary to submit for all driving license along with the certificate of physical fitness to the concerned authorities and this form is divided into 3 sections. in the first section requires name and identification marks, in the next section asks the applicant to make a declaration regarding any medical ailment of condition which they suffering. and in optional section, the applicant needs to provide blood group or Rh facto and this certificate must be signed by the authorized medical practitioner or medical officer.

Form 8 – Form to add a new class of vehicle to driving license

Form 8 is used if you want to add another class of vehicle to your present driving license fill up all require personal details and in the next section, you must choose the additional class of vehicle which you want to apply for and also tick the documents related to it along with fees paid with the form.

Form LCA – Intimation of Tempory/ permanent and change of Address for authorized license holder:

if you want to change the permanent or tempory address in your driving license then you have to fill and submit from LCA with accurate details like address change which you wish to along with the fee for address change.

Print Form for Driving Licence:

if you want to print the form enter the details like application number and date of birth and click on “Submit”